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A Frame form the Axiom Groupe positioning video

Axiom Groupe is a leader in international business meetings and communication, producing conferences, delivering business intelligence and strategic information.

Offering e-marketing solutions, best practice conferences, business training, sales incentives, in-house training, first class corporate hospitality and privileged membership services to European executives, Axiom Groupe provides a significant competitive advantage for enterprises.

Axiom Groupe privileged membership (Paris, Madrid, Barcelona etc.) allows you to have access to exclusive on-line focus groups, strategic information, financial advantages and update you on the latest trends and technology to face the new millennium.


Axiom Groupe offers complete business services to all companies. We organize tailor-made events in Europe.

Quality, professionalism, dynamism, adaptability and customer satisfaction are keys to our business.

“A self evident or universally recognized truth” – Axiom Definition – Oxford


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