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Speaking and Chairmanship Opportunities

Axiom Speaker Opportunities

Axiom Groupe is an expert in producing business events designed to access the latest strategic information and business thinking to provide a clear competitive advantage for companies in the financial sector.

Axiom Groupe constantly researches key experts and professionals to invite them to share their insights, expertise, and excellence in strategic information and solutions. They give our attendees the latest information through cutting edge events in a competitive market.

We appreciate the social and political trends affecting the business workforce in Europe and hope to address the specific needs of a growing multicultural audience, greater numbers of women in senior executive roles, and the expanding number of mature employees within the workforce.

If you are interested in being a speaker, please send your details. A production executive from our team will contact you.


Axiom Chairperson Opportunities

An Axiom Groupe Chairperson facilitates the conference for one of the two days in cooperation with our hosts.  The chairperson not only is the master of ceremonies for a day, but is also granted special opportunities to speak and present their brand.


Contact us for more details on this exciting opportunity.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Axiom Sponsorship Partner

Sponsorship opportunities increase your market presence, your marketing and sales objectives and create an excellent channel for business development and networking.

Sponsorship opportunities covering lunch, cocktail, advertising in documentation packs are available. A range of packages suiting your budget requirements is available. A limited amount of exhibition space is available at the Axiom conference.

Different offers are proposed in order to achieve mutual benefits.

  • Speaking opportunities
  • Chairing
  • Pre-event marketing in the conference
  • Investing in your corporate branding – logo
  • Investing in a targeted audience
  • Marketing campaign
  • Mailing campaign
  • Web links to your company from event sites
  • Promotional advertising
  • Client promotion website
  • Investing in a tailored lunch and/or cocktail
  • Investing in Gala dinner- key note speaker
  • Investing in your products and services – exhibition stand – demo area
  • Workshop hosting
  • Investing in networking with professionals, leading industries
  • On-site signage and branding
  • Support documentation
  • Additional sales and marketing literature distribution
  • Special events – networking functions (site, tours, golf, vineyards..)

Investing in Multiple Packages

We provide multiple events through the year.
Axiom Groupe offers the opportunity of tailored packages to solution providers to maximise exposure and ensure positioning across targeted events.

Media Partnership

Media Partner

Key associations, magazines and other organisms can clearly gain a business benefit from working with the Axiom Groupe, gaining constant exposure throughout Axiom Groupe campaigns.

Different offers are proposed in order to achieve mutual benefits.

  • On line Campaigns
  • Email Campaigns
  • Logo Positioning and Branding Opportunities
  • Newsletter Placement
  • Website Placement
  • Event Catalogues
  • On-Site Promotion

If you are interested in being a media partner, please send your details. A marketing executive from our team will contact you.

Benefits of Community Membership

Joining our community is a special opportunity to be a part of a class of decision makers, business leaders, and executives who are forming our present and future.  Membership is limited to those who qualify, read more to learn about the opportunity:


The Axiom Community

Is a dynamic online platform of ongoing conversations and forums around specific topics and ideas that have been raised in Axiom Groupe conferences.   This is secure space for business leaders of the highest level to share best practices, field questions on presentations and speeches, share ideas, view interviews and videos, as well as promote their latest work and excellence.


Benefits of Membership Include:


Leadership and Decision Making

Access knowledge from members in tackling complex business and management challenges through our confidential member feedback service.

Improve Staff Leadership and Management Skills

Access to senior executives will assist and improve your decision making, developing leadership and management skills.

Reduce cost, Increase ROI and Improve Efficiency

Access strategic and practical information directly from peers when considering new projects, technology implementations, new vendors as well as emerging technologies.

Relevant Information

Small discussion groups enable attendees to set the agenda ensuring only relevant topics are discussed at conferences, trainings, meetings, networking sessions and other forums.

Effective Networking

Peers in attendance are all from organizations facing similar leadership and management challenges.

Confidential Environment

Discuss issues with peers in total confidentiality.


City Hall of Barcelona

Barcelona City Hall – The Ajuntament de Barcelona is in charge of projects such as Barcelona Activa, @22, and Mercabarna – all of which are municipal companies catering to developing projects and programs to support entrepreneurship, professional improvement, and creation of employment; pioneering a project in transforming 200 hectares of industrial land into an innovative district for intensive knowledge-base activities and managing the logistics of the city’s wholesale market respectively.


IESE Business School is one of the world’s top ten global business schools and has pioneered graduate management education in Europe over 50 years.
IESE provides open enrollment programs for each career step. From functional managers through to CEOs of global companies, IESE offers programs in a range of locations, formats and languages designed to help participants develop new leadership capabilities, improve strategic thinking and drive effective organizational change. Our programs take a people-centered approach towards management education by focusing on individuals as the center of companies and their challenges. An emphasis is placed on developing a global mindset that comes from understanding the diverse cultural and social dimensions that influence business worldwide.
Every organization is different. Each has its own structure, culture and ambitions. And each faces unique opportunities, threats and challenges.
At IESE we believe that the only way to deliver truly effective Custom Programs is to make each one as individual as the organization it is created for. Although our approach to each program we design is different, our intention remains the same for everyone: to transform the mindset and behavior of attendees. And in doing so, to drive effective, immediate and lasting change for the organization.
IESE was ranked #1 worldwide in Executive Education by FT in 2012.


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