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The opinions, beliefs and viewpoints expressed by the various authors and forum participants on this web site do not necessarily reflect the opinions, beliefs and viewpoints and official policies of the Axiom Groupe

Beyond Digital Transformation: How Industry 4.0 Benefits Your Customers, Employees, and Culture
Willem Sundblad | 3rd Oct, 2018

How Connected Devices are Changing the Manufacturing Industry
Transcendent | 16th Oct, 2018
Manufacturers are implementing Industrial IoT (IIoT) devices to leverage predictive maintenance, data analytics, and more.

The Future of Customer Service Needs a New Model of Operational Excellence
Vala Afshar | 9th Oct, 2018
The future of customer services requires a new model of operational excellence that is built on the five pillars of customer centricity...

In The Drive To Modernize Treasury Ops, Mind The Gap
PYMNTS | 25th Sept, 2018
All business investment involves trade-offs. When it comes to cash management, figuring out what is “nice to have” versus “need to have” can be a struggle...

Nudge in the Right Direction: Using Psychology to Boost Safety
Lucy Alderson | 27th Sept, 2018
‘Nudging’ – using psychological techniques to influence people’s behaviour...

Volvo and Skanska Go Green with ‘Emission-Free’ Quarry
The Student Engineer | 6th Sept, 2018
Hybrid and fully electric construction equipment has been deployed by Volvo and Skanska as part of a new project to test the practicalities of an ‘emission-free’ quarry.

La influencia de las emociones en el proceso prescriptor.
Inés Gómez Porcel | 2 Oct, 2018
El proceso asistencial-prescriptor se adapta en función de las emociones, actitudes, valores y necesidades de cada paciente...

How Drones are Revolutionising Construction and Real Estate.
Nick Madigan | 1 Sept, 2018
On building sites, drones are saving money and time by providing digital images, maps...

Crear valor atendiendo las necesidades de gerencia.
Inés Gómez Porcel & Jaume Sahís | 24 Sept, 2018
Construir la ventaja competitiva a través de la comprensión profunda de las necesidades del centro hospitalario...

How A.I. is exploding the Financial Services market.
Chris Middleton | 17 Aug, 2018
As the World Economic Forum publishes the most extensive and in-depth report yet on artificial intelligence’s transformation of the financial services sector...

The design of site-specific solutions significantly reduces the energy used in drilling, blasting, loading, transport, comminution and mineral processing.
Alba Rodríguez | 16 Apr, 2018
MAXAM presents its blasting solutions to achieve savings of up to 30% in energy consumption in mining operations

Greece begins a new economy odyssey after a decade lost at sea
Tom Rees | 26 Aug, 2018
Alexis Tsipras declared this week on the Greek island of Ithaca where Odysseus...

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