Finance 2025: Digital transformation in finance : Our eight predictions about digital technology for CFOs


Finance 2025: Digital transformation in finance 

Our eight predictions about digital technology for CFOs

We’re looking towards the future with eight predictions for the finance function of 2025. The technologies needed to reimagine finance are here and they will only get better. It’s crunch time.

| 08th August, 2019

Eight predictions for finance in 2025

The methodology for generating our predictions is straightforward. We look carefully at what finance leaders are doing and at the technology that’s available, and then we ask these questions: What would be possible if we combined different technologies to reimagine the future? How would the work of finance get done and who would do it? How could finance contribute even more to the success of the company?

1. The finance factory: Transactions will be touchless as automation and blockchain reach deeper into finance operations.

8. Workforce & workplace: Employees will be doing new things in new ways, some of which will make CFOs uncomfortable.

Finance talent models are evolving quickly, with a premium placed on data scientists, business analysts, and storytellers. This represents a dramatic shift for many finance organizations. To get ready, make sure your new hires represent the future you’re striving for. Important qualities include a strong customer service orientation, flexibility, and good collaboration skills—in addition to the technical capabilities needed for specific jobs. Also, all of your people should be able to contribute to elevating the value of finance in terms of communication, impact, and influence. Make every new hire count.

Implementing new technologies is relatively easy compared to changing your talent model. They’re obviously connected, but cultural and organizational shifts related to your workforce may take much more time and care to get right. Your finance organization should be looking at every new hire through the 2025 lens.

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