15th Edition
19th-20th September 2019

Technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and robotic process automation(RPA) are joining the mainstream, and they’re coming to a shared services center near you. In many cases, they bring big promises of disruption in the form of dramatically improved efficiency and effectiveness and great reductions in human effort. A compelling proposition if it actually happens. To be sure, many of the applications are innovative. Some companies, for instance, now use AI to transform the way they conduct early-round job interviews. Candidates who might previously have been summoned to a potential employer’s office now use their smartphones to video themselves answering questions. The AI platform compares each applicant’s responses down to tone of voice and facial expression with those of successful employees, allowing the company to tie up fewer recruiters and devote less time to candidate screening while quite likely delivering better results. Across such functions as HR, IT, and finance and accounting (F&A), let’s apply a new technology to a traditional process and do it faster, better, and cheaper. More disruptive yet, providers are applying these technologies to processes meant to deal with such genuine business problems as how to assess the credit worthiness of loan seekers. But is this next generation of shared services really living up to its billing? In a recent study, companies are not seeing the results that they’d expected. What’s holding up the payoff? Often, the finger can be pointed at a common set of challenge obstacles that with the right planning and foresight could be overcome as the main takeaway of this conference.

Conference at a Glance

  • Keynote sessions will feature highly-respected industry experts who will share their views on the challenges and opportunities in business transformation. Each keynote session will conclude with breakout sessions to discuss and share.

    How supply chain finance fits into the EU policy agenda on the Capital Markets Union and what the Commission is doing to identify best practices in this area
    Reshape the value of SSC with machine learning & artificial intelligence
  • Plus 8 !! Industry experts present their real-world case projects that provide new insights and learnings.

    Create an exceptional & winning SSC culture
    Cultivate continuous improvement within SSC & GBS
    Align GBS Governance with business strategy
    How can digital transformation deliver value for SSC
    Digitization disrupting Finance
    Business transformation strategies to support SSC
    Business Intelligence & analytics center for value creation
    Drive competitive advantage through data
  • Workshops will allow you to get into the technical understanding of optimizing your cash flow through different methodologies. You will learn from the financial decision makers how to take strategic decisions to increase profitability and create competitive advantage. Our Workshops will contain 60 minutes training sessions focusing on specific business transformation topics and led by an expert(s) in the field.

    Drive efficiency and delivery productivity
    Optimizing service quality in GBS
  • We bring together several speakers to offer the audience a thought-provoking discussion that analyizes a topic from different angles.

    Drivers to expand SSC & GBS
    Finance transformation & technology in SSC
  • Speakers present an implementation of processes and the group will discuss the outcome to understand better the milestone of the implementation, what are the challenges and how overcomes the obstacles, what was the cost and what was the tangible results.

    Finance transformation & technology in SSC
  • Get an intensive analysis of facts, figures data and practical methods from our experts to solve our organizational problems and benchmark your strategies with your peers to improve and develop your processes.

    Artificial Intelligence & the future of GBS
    Artificial Intelligence on financial services
  • Our Previous Tour and Networking Enhance your conference experience by attending a tour of Bayers Shared Service Center. Get a first-hand look at how Suez is operating in this space using innovative methods to create company culture, attracting and retaining millennial staff and acquire knowledge by speaking to those who head up the operationalWith a history in the water and wastesectors stretching back over 160 years. SUEZ is working on all 5 ontinents in theservice of an efficient and sustainable management of resources. With 88,576 employees taking part in the resource revolution.

    Finish your evening with cocktails and traditional Spanish tapas while networking with your peers and expanding your knowledge.
  • Marcin Mlynarczyk
    Marcin Mlynarczyk
    SManaging Director
    BSC Cracow
  • Csaba Szende
    Csaba Szende
    Managing Director
    Docler SSC
  • Rohit Ganjoo
    Rohit Ganjoo
    Director EMEA
    Experience Center and Member Board
  • Geraud de Rudelle
    Geraud de Rudelle
    Business operations
  • Alexandre Piotrowski
    Alexandre Piotrowski
    Director in Global Employee Portal,HR Analytics
  • Kamila Grembowicz - Adidas
    Kamila Grembowicz
    Senior VP Global
    Business Services
  • Herve Hachet
    Herve Hachet
    Shared Service Center Director
    Amer Sports
  • Felix Bailer
    Felix Bailer
    Vice President
    of Global Business Services


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