Manufacturers are predicting smart, connected products launched will jump from 35% in 2017 to 47% in 2020, growing at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 10.3% a year, up from just 14% in 2014. Given constrained engineering, R&D, and production schedule availability consumed supporting legacy products today, this jump in an entirely new product category is forcing manufacturers to reinvent themselves. Just 18% of manufacturers are planning to abandon transaction-based products and shift to an entirely service-based business. The majority (54%) are planning to sell both legacy products and launch new smart, connected products that will be their platforms for services revenueformation generating new models, strategies and paradigms.

  • Industry experts present their real-world case projects that provide new insights and learnings.

    Plus 15 Case Studies
    Creating a sustainable cultural transformation
    How to drive a digitisation strategy and cope with varied lean maturity?
    Disruptive innovation: why manufactures should 10:30 embrace it?
    Reaching a competitive advantage
    Digitalise the shop floor of your manufacturing
    Build a technology stack in a modular way
    Ensure to have ROI before implementing digital transformation
  • Workshops are 60 minute training sessions focusing on specific business transformation topics and led by an expert(s) in the field.

    Plus 5 Workshops
    Accelerating transformation into industry 4.0
    Industrial IoT Platform structure
    Speed is a major challenge
  • We bring together several speakers to offer the audience a thought-provoking discussion that analyizes a topic from different angles.

    Shifting from product based revenue to product services revenue
    How we see the future roll-out of industry 4.0
  • Get an intensive analysis of facts, figures data and practical methods from our experts to solve our organizational problems and benchmark your strategies with your peers to improve and develop your processes.

    Plus 3 Think Tanks
    Governance model for smart factory
    How we see the future roll-out of industry 4.0
  • You are invited to join our Industry 4.0 manufacturing tour in Barcelona where you will see real implementation for smart ffactory. The tour will end with a netwroking cocktail.For more info please contact us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

  • Sergio Mazzoleni
    Vice President
  • Jesus Mayordomo
    Information Officer
    Celsa Group
  • Bjarne Sandager Nielsen
    Vice President
    Head of Global Operations
    LM Wind Power
  • Alberto Paloma de Moraes
    Vehicle Project Director
    Renault SAS
  • Tanguy Mathon
    Director Blu.e,
    Smart factory
  • Henrik Vikberg
    VDirector Industry 4.0
    SKF Group

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