21th - 22th November 2019
    Barcelona/ Lisboa

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    21st - 22nd October 2019
    4th edition 
    Barcelona, Spain

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    INNOV-EX 2019
    15th Edition 
     11th & 12th April 2019
     Barcelona, Spain

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    19th & 20th September 2019
    Barcelona, Spain

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    EHS 4.0
    21th - 22th October 2019

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  • Cash Management Optimization
    Date: 26 September 2018
    • Advanced Startegies to optimize your cash
    • Study Forecasting and steering for internal and external metrics
    • How to deploy trapped cash
    • Maximising the potential of available working capital
    • Digitalization and predictive tools

    Digital distruption & Artificial Intelligence on FSSC
    Date: 27 September 2018
    • Cloud based platforms became the predominant technology for reporting, planning forecasting in the SSC
    • Digital DNA attributes better prepare FSI firms for a digital disruption

    Set up Service Level requirment and governance in the SSC
    Date: 27 September 2018
    • How to transform the perception of SSC from the business to more oriented facts and numbers
    • Find a common understanding with the business of that is important for them and for us and find an agreement on there to focus

    Open Innovation, and Intrapreneurship
    Date: 27 September 2018
    • Imagine with Orange, co-creating with the crowd of customers
    • Developing Innovation from within your organization
    • Accelerating Innovation, with Rapid innovation framework

    Productise complex services offers for innovation
    Date: 27 September 2018
    • How to industrialize the process of building complex services and products solutions?
    • How to motivate customer facing employees towards new solutions?
    • How to become customer centric?

    How digitalisation can change organisation inside out
    Date: 28 September 2018
    • The Internet-of-Things and advanced analytic
    • Tackle the end-to-end customer experiences
    • Be mined to better understand performance, cost drivers, and causes of risk.

    Implementation of a Behavioural Based Safety (BBS) program
    Date: 18 October 2018
    • Learning our behavioural-based safety method
    • Understanding trainings / roll out
    • Overcoming cultural barriers

    How to establish and implement Safety Leadership – approach and key success factors
    Date: 18 October 2018
    • How a leader can be a role model in the meaning of behavioural safety?
    • What do we mean by Safety Leadership Culture?
    • What can leaders do to support the development of an ideal safety Culture?

    Safety Incentive App
    Date: 19 October 2018
    • Discovering role of technology in Behavioural Safety
    • Evaluating the newly launched app
    • Benchmarking various experience among different companies

    How to build an Occupational Health Safety (OHS) culture transformation program
    Date: 19 October 2018
    • Identify the drivers of transformation
    • Meet the stakeholders needs
    • Delegate roles and responsabilities

    Behaviour Based Safety and integrating behaviour in Construction sites
    Date: 19 October 2018
    • Integrating health & safety with lean program to increase employee´s productivity
    • Analysing the surrounding behavior through behaviour safety based & porcess safety managment
    • Comparing people based safety vs behavioural based safety

    Identifying waste and making problem obvious
    Date: 15 November 2018
    • Deploy an inventory code to a customer as a Work in Progress (WIP)
    • Manage effectively WIP for waste reduction
    • Apply Test Driven Development (TDD) to reduce over processing

    Aligning technology & manufacturing
    Date: 15 November 2018
    • Build a solid foundation for technology implementation
    • Identify problems and establish technology goals & objectives
    • Deploy new technologies incrementally

    Pioneer new technological trends to boost the transformation in manufacturing
    Date: 16 November 2018
    • Transform manufacturing with Industrial Internet of Things
    • Collect and process large amount of data using AI and machine learning in order to respond in real time
    • Increase the connectivity between the factory floor and management using smart machines

    Understand the drivers behind the implementation of 4.0 manufacturing
    Date: 16 November 2018
    • The Internet of Things can help optimize manufacturing processes.
    • Big Data and Cloud Computing enables companies to support business operations

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