INNOV-EX 2019
15th Edition 
 11th & 12th April 2019
 Barcelona, Spain

Companies are finding new ways to unlock value through new business models of all shapes and sizes. As we can see all around us, the methods used by companies for more effective problem solving and the ability to take advantage of new opportunities are being accelerated by technology. The rise of platforms, the changing nature of work, the means by which services are provided and the digitization of manufacturing are just some of the shifts that technology is making possible. But new business models are not just about technology. Around the world new markets are emerging and old ones are evolving. Unquestionable economic certainties are being challenged. What were intangible environmental impacts are now daily healthcare problems for millions. What people value is changing. All these factors, and many more, have made continued and renewed thinking about business models an imperative for companies looking to thrive and create lasting value and on going success.

  • Industry experts present their real-world case projects that provide new insights and learnings.

    Open Innovation Strategy & Initiatives With Startups
    Product design through research anddevelopment
    Apply design principles to the workplace itself
    Apply design principles to the workplace itself
    Exchanging technology to enhance research
    Startup procurment & investement strategies forbusiness development
    Understanding how global corporates think
    Eliminate barriers to create collaborative and effective partnerships
  • Workshops are 60 minute training sessions focusing on specific business transformation topics and led by an expert(s) in the field.

    The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Innovation
    Achieve differentiation, better margins, and avoid disruption
    Apply disruptive theories to complex problems and opportunities
    Emphasize on innovative Research Funding, Focus and Impact
  • We bring together several speakers to offer the audience a thought-provoking discussion that analyizes a topic from different angles.

    Discussing the successes of incubators and driving their outcomes
    Trend setting & Education outputs in the main tech hubs
    Brief insight to strategic and progressive relationship between corporate & related startups
  • Get an intensive analysis of facts, figures data and practical methods from our experts to solve our organizational problems and benchmark your strategies with your peers to improve and develop your processes.

    Open Innovation in R+D
    Align your organization around innovation initiatives
  • Enhance your conference experience by attending a tour amd finish your evening with cocktails and traditional Spanish tapas while networking with your peers and expanding your knowledge. Meanwhile, To continue your networking journey, Axiom Groupe is including a visit to HP Innovation center in Barcelona and allows for further networking with a cocktail on site besides the opportunity to meet your peers

  • Sergi Vilar
    VP, Head of Pharma
    APIs Sites Cluster
    Merck Group
  • Stephane Gervais Ducouret
    VP Executive
    Innovation Strategy
    Lacroix Group
  • Reon Brand
    Senior Director
    End user 
    End user
    Solution Provider 


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