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Key Speakers

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Just Piferrer- Director Supply Chain Management
Eninter Ascensores
Professor @ La salle BCN Business School
Blockchain: A Blockchain's gotta do what a Blockchain's gotta do
• Smart financing
• Asset depreciation inside a Machine Learning scenario
• New Trade platforms: IBM Global Financing
• The Evolution of SS towards centers of excellence
• Too many Blockchains?
• A refreshing new approach: Community “Il Naso di Tommaso” (NdT)

Special Features

Using intensive group discussion and improvisation in order to explore aspects of the production prior to formal staging
  • WCR management evolution in the digital age
  • Fintech effects on WCR management
  • Smart management of account receivables
  • Inventory/stock optimisation
  • Account payables

Hitomi Ishiguro & Kamal Boulanouar
Group Cash & WRC Management
Air Liquid

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